3 MPX Full HD Outdoor IR Dome Camera, Motorized 8 to 32mm, PAL

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The TruVision IP Mega-pixel Open Standards box cameras bring state-of-the-art, high-definition pictures to the mass video surveillance market. With camera resolutions of 1.3 or 3 mega-pixel, these IP cameras represent a flexible video surveillance device to meet any need. Equipped with advanced technology and signal processing capability, they effectively capture video under challenging conditions.

These camera provide an ideal surveillance for environments such as retail, banking, airports or gaming where detailed image capture is critical for effectively monitoring people and transactions.

Compression & Streaming

TruVision cameras utilize H.264 compression technology with triple-streaming capability, making it easy to manage the camera’s bandwidth usage. These cameras were designed to adhere to PSIA and ONVIF S open communication standards, and support a CGI command set for simple integration into any IP system. Video streams can be set for high and low bandwidth and images can be streamed for live viewing or sent to a designated recording location.

Additional Features

TruVision IP Mega-pixel cameras simplify remote, live monitoring/playback of edge-recorded video. Recording on the micro SD/SDXC memory card provides a level of redundancy in case of unforeseen network disruptions. These cameras also feature alarm inputs and outputs. Privacy masking conceals sensitive scenes and safeguards confidential areas from being observed during live view and recorded on the video file.

Included, is a suite of intelligence features that provides enhanced alarm capabilities that go above and beyond standard motion detection. Examples include: Cross Line Detection, Intrusion Detection, De-focus Detection and Face Detection and more. Each of these features are user configurable to best suit the installation environment. Additional advanced non-alarm enhancements include the Region of Interest function that ensures specific portions of an image are given priority in terms of video imaging during instances of high network traffic or network degradation.


Special functions are available to assist in providing the best use of your TruVision camera. Included are Hallway View mode to provide a portrait view of a hallway or corridor, De-fog mode to help resolve images though fog or rain and Electronic Image Stabilization for installations subject to vibration.

Key Features

Maximum Resolution: 2048 x 1536 @ 20 fps
Maximum Real Time Resolution: 1920 x 1080 @ 25 fps
Designed to PSIA and ONVIF S open standards
H.264 compression with triple-streaming functionality
Edge recording up to 64GB SDHC card
1/3″ CMOS image sensor
Motorized IR cut filter
0.01 Lux (Color)
Motorized 2.8 to 12mm lens
Up to 30m IR illumination
Up to 120dB Wide Dynamic Range
ROI (Region of Interest)
Intelligence (Face detection, audio exception detection, cross line, intrusion detection, de-focus, scene change detection)
Auto Back Focus