Remote Monitoring

Video surveillance systems represent very effective crime-prevention solutions, while also providing recorded HD-grade video footage for post event analysis or evidence. However, modern security solutions have to be able to stop crime before actual damage is done, and this is exactly the reason why remotely monitored CCTV is becoming increasingly popular.

By using our CCTV Remote Monitoring service, you can significantly reduce your company’s operational costs (no need for on-site security guards, superior rates of detection, lower insurance premiums, etc.) while in the same time improving the staff’s security.

The CCTV Surveillance monitoring Centre is staffed by highly trained operators all of whom share a passion for security and who are able to take immediate action on the video footage that they see following an alert, either by using the intercom link to warn away offenders or calling the police and specified keyholders.

Our top-range systems use the latest digital technology to provide real time viewing and control of cameras via a broadband connection, and our remote monitoring centre responds to CCTV system activations 24 hours a day, all year round.