Burglars Install CCTV

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A recent prison survey has revealed that 29% of burglars have installed some kind of digital CCTV system in their own homes, compared to just 4% of the rest of of us. Similarly, 43% of burglars have a home intruder alarm system, compared to just 34% of all households.

These stats show that even the burglars themselves regard digital CCTV as an effective deterrent – in fact, more than two-thirds of burglars rated CCTV as an effective security measure, saying they would probably or definitely not burgle a home that had a CCTV system installed.

In addition to CCTV, the survey found that intruder alarms and security lighting were also feared, and properties with these devices installed were generally avoided.

The detterent abilities of CCTV systems often come into the public spotlight, especially if the technology has been involved in the capture and prosecution of perpetrators. Although this survey was conducted by a relatively small fraction of the UK population, the very fact that there is such trust placed in CCTV from convicted burglars speaks for itself.

What used to be an expensive and complicated security system has now become affordable due to advances in technology and cheap imports. Modular in design, a system can comprise of virtually any number of CCTV cameras, both covert and overt, and can successfully monitor any surveillance area, provided that area is on private property.

If you are interested in installing a digital CCTV system on your property, why not give CCTV Surveillance a call and we will be happy to advise you on suitable systems and software for the size and type of your premises.

Not simply restricted to offices and warehouses, we have a comprehensive range of CCTV equipment ideal for use within residential properties too, all of which provide evidence quality footage that can be used to prosecute thieves, vandals, and trespassers in a British Court of Law.

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