CCTV cameras in Exmouth shop disabled by intruders

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Although considered quite a serious deterrent against thefts, it would seem that more and more criminals are learning how to circumvent CCTV security cameras installed on the premises of shopping estates and businesses.

That was also the case in Exmouth, where intruders broke into a pet shop, covering up CCTV cameras in the process. According to a news report on the matter, the raiders also moved the cameras inside the shop itself, in order to point away from them and thus keep their identities concealed.

On the other hand, thieves actually didn’t touch a thing within the shop, as stock, cash, pets and computer equipment was untouched. Apparently, the reason for that is that workers arriving at a nearby bakery may have disturbed the intruders, according to police reports.

This case proves only too well that standard CCTV surveillance solutions are starting to become obsolete, so installing covert cameras, designed to blend in with the environment and barely noticeable, might actually be a better idea.

CCTV Surveillance has an extensive experience in installing covert cameras, whether we’re talking about Digital CCTV Bullet Cameras or Digital CCTV Covert Cameras.

The bullet cameras are cameras mounted in a cylindrical or “bullet” casing, that makes them easy to install when pointing them in the right direction, and keeps the case compact. Their compact size and inbuilt lens make them ideal for situations where space and price are key.

The covert cameras are tiny devices that can be hidden in places such as smoke alarms, enabling user to spy on perpetrators and catch them in the act.

CCTV Surveillance are committed to bringing you exactly what you demand of your CCTV system. We use a range of devices and accessories from top manufacturers and can uniquely customise your CCTV system around your requirements.

If you’d like to find our more about our covert cameras or you’d like to find out just what we can do for your business, just get in touch, we’ll be sure to answer all of your queries.  

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