CCTV cameras in Truro, Falmouth and Penryn to be manned by volunteers

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A team of volunteers is set to take part in a multi-agency scheme to monitor CCTV cameras located across Truro, Falmouth and Penryn, as a part of a scheme touted as being the first of its kind of this size in Devon and Cornwall.

As a news report in the local media has revealed, the initiative is part of a partnership involving Truro, Falmouth and Penryn Town Councils, together with Cornwall Council and Devon and Cornwall Police, and will see the 10-strong team monitor the CCTV cameras at a central monitoring centre in Truro.

As expected, before being accepted in the CCTV monitoring team, all of the volunteers have been subjected to very thorough and strict security checks and have received professional training to national standards.

The team of volunteers comprises people of varying ages (from their 20s to their 60s) and backgrounds, including retired people, a student, an IT specialist and part-time workers who want to help their community in their spare time – at least four hours each week.

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