CCTV cameras to host Wi-Fi hotspots, Government suggests

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CCTV cameras might soon double as a Wi-Fi hotspot, as a part of the Government’s £150 million DCMS Urban Broadband Fund plan, whose ultimate target is to bring 80Mbps or faster internet connections to UK cities.

As media reports on this topic reveal, the DCMS policy paper outlines the cities where officials should invest in setting up these public Wi-Fi hotspots on street furniture, which could include CCTV cameras, lampposts, traffic lights or even benches.

The future Wireless Concession Contract plan would allow Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to install Wi-Fi hotspots on these street items, which would in turn let them collect “fees and revenues”.

Additionally, the the Urban Broadband Fund could also be used to improve the availability of Wi-Fi hotspots in public buildings like libraries, museums and council offices, as well as for making Wi-Fi services available on public transport in the UK, including buses, trains and the London Underground.

This programme also touts a few provisions for the business segment, since the programme will also allow local businesses to apply for vouchers to cover the cost of fibre broadband installations.

The extent of the retrofit programme and specific details regarding the hot-spot installation process are yet to be provided, but CCTV Surveillance‘s expertise will enable us to fully rise to the challenge and adapt any existing installations, need be.  

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