CCTV For Cheeky Motorists

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How many times have you been stuck in a queue of traffic waiting to get in or out of a busy town centre, when a cheeky motorist zooms past you in the empty bus lane. Have you ever felt tempted to follow that motorist yourself? What do you have to lose?

Well, be warned. This practice is illegal and the likeyhood of you being caught has now significantly increased as town councils look to digital CCTV to monitor their bus lanes and no-waiting areas.

The latest city to implement CCTV technology is Edinburgh where, under plans drawn up by the city council, motorists would be fined £60 if they are recorded commiting traffic violations such as flouting the bus lane rules.

A pilot scheme in the London borough of Camden which targeted motorists unloading in "no waiting" areas, stopping on yellow-box junctions or making illegal turns has been judged a great success, and will now be used in other London boroughs from later this year.

Most town and city bus lanes are patrolled by police traffic wardens, but with CCTV surveillance systems now an affordable alternative, many councils are looking to implement the technology to crackdown on the problem more efficiently, and release wardens to carry out work elsewhere.

The main aims of installing CCTV cameras are to:

  • Reduce congestion;
  • Improve journey times for bus users;
  • Allow the free flow of traffic;
  • Keep the bus lanes clear in order to prevent delays for commuters;
  • Combat inconsiderate motorists.

By installing a CCTV system, councils not only save police time, but offenders are caught more easily, and extra money is raised for the council coffers, which can go towards improving council-run public services.

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