CCTV for the Public Sector is money well spent

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CCTV for the Public Sector| CCTV Surveillance SystemsThe British Security Industry Association claims public spending on CCTV is worthwhile to secure public safety. That’s its response to an online report highlighting concerns over the rise in the number of CCTV cameras controlled by local councils over the past decade.

In its report, published in December, Big Brother Watch – an offshoot of the Taxpayers’ Alliance – questions the effectiveness of CCTV in deterring or solving crimes, arguing that money currently spent on expanding CCTV networks would be better utilised by employing more police on the beat.

However, according to Pauline Norstrom, BSIA CCTV Section chairman, that is an inaccurate definition of CCTVs role within security and safety. "Time and again the police take advantage of CCTV images to reconstruct events, identify offenders and make high-profile calls for public support in their enquiries" and "images are frequently called upon in the criminal justice system to help secure prosecutions".

Pauline Nordstrom also illustrates that "a more realistic comparison would have taken into account the anticipated operational life of the CCTV system, thereby dramatically reducing the number of police officers that could be employed using the equivalent funds".

CCTV is a valuable weapon in the fight against crime and terrorism and getting the right system for your business is becoming even more imperative. The value of effective CCTV systems is something which is increasingly being recognised by governments and municipal authorities worldwide and CCTV Surveillance can realise your CCTV requirements.

CCTV Surveillance has the knowledge to install the right system for your business, ensuring maximum security and safety. We are able to uniquely customise each cctv system to your requirements.

The argument for CCTV does not go hand-in-hand with advocating a ‘big brother’ culture, yet, CCTV systems do need to be used effectively and responsibly. Contact us today to find out how we can make your business safer and more secure whilst complying with governmental regulations.

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