CCTV Helps With Lambing

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With the UK lambing season just about to get started, sheep farmers are increasingly looking to install CCTV cameras in the sheep pen in order to keep an eye on their pregnant ewes.

Over the last year, in particular, digital CCTV equipment has dramatically dropped in price, providing farmers with a cost-effective solution to the sleepless nights predicted over the coming weeks. Sheep farmers can now afford to invest in the new technology enabling them to get a good nights sleep, safe in the knowledge that their flock are safe and well in their paddock.

Digital CCTV is ideal for "when the ewe starts lambing as you don’t have to come up, put the lights on, and poke your head over the door, which can upset and disturb them," one farmer noted. It also reduces the likelyhood of problems during the birth, caused by stress generated if a ewe is unnecessarily disturbed.

The ability to be able to watch the sheep from the comfort of the living room has provided an ideal solution for farmers who do not have much help, or are involved in activities in other areas of the farm.

The installation of digital CCTV systems on farms is a relatively new concept, largely spurred on by the price and modular qualities of a CCTV network. Not only used to check on livestock, CCTV can monitor farm equipment, and outbuildings can be put under 24-hour surveillance.

If you are interested in installing a CCTV camera network on your farm, why not contact CCTV Surveillance. We are experts in installing digital CCTV systems in a variety of environments, including factories and farms.

We will provide your farm with a free security audit, and build a bespoke CCTV network plan tailored to your specific requirements. We will also offer you advice on camera choice, position, and distribution.

Our standing within the CCTV marketplace also enables us to offer you lease and rental opportunities, whether it be for a short-term lease or a long-term contract.

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