CCTV Installed In Schools

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Having installed a digital CCTV system in a primary school in Bradford for security reasons, the staff soon realised that they could use the CCTV footage to analyse classroom practice and performance of both students and teachers.

"The beauty of using CCTV as a teaching aid in addition to using it for security reasons is that the CCTV cameras are already there, so there’s no extra equipment or set-up time required," says Peter Steele, the headteacher.

The 41 CCTV cameras installed at the school are able to pick up what the teachers cannot see. In one situation, for example, the work completed by a pupil seemed to tail off halfway through her lesson, and there didn’t appear to be any reasonable explaination, until the CCTV footage was reviewed. It showed that the pupil was sat in such a position that her teacher could not see her raise her hand when she wanted to ask a question.

Following this revelation, the arrangement of the tables and chairs within the classroom was changed, ensuring that each student could be seen by the teacher at all times.

Digital CCTV has also been found to give staff at this particular school more control over their professional development. Teachers were able to see how they work on video, which has led to a much more positive effect than a formal appraisal meeting. People can review situations as they happen, rather than relying on memory enabling teaching methods to be improved and expanded upon.

Nothing less than a positive impact has been seen at this school in Bradford, and many more schools are now considering installing digital CCTV cameras on their premises.

If you are a headteacher, or simple someone interested in installing CCTV within an educational environment, give CCTV Surveillance a call. We offer a discounted rental option to schools, colleges and universities looking to install a digital CCTV system. Whether it be a short-term lease, or a long-term contract, the benefits of installing CCTV for security and classroom performance have been proven to vastly outweigh the cost.

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