CCTV surveillance is a great deterrent

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Moneyhole Lane Playing Fields in Welwyn Garden City has been an attraction for “boy racers” for years, who upset residents by driving dangerously and revving their engines at night. There have been years of complaints by the residents.

At last, the borough council has agreed to install the CCTV facilities, at a cost of £7,500. The CCTV system allows the council to share footage with the police. Hopefully this will deter the racers, or otherwise force them to face punishment for their anti-social behaviour.

Work to provide an overflow car park for busy periods was also finished on Friday, September 7.

Councillor Terry Mitchinson, executive member for leisure, culture and communications, said: “Local people will see real benefits from our improvements and I’m especially pleased we could find a car parking solution ahead of the start of the football season this weekend.

“Moneyhole is a fantastic park and it’s great seeing it so well used.”



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