CCTV system hacked to help poker player win $32 million

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An Australian casino’s own security systems were turned against it, allowing a team of fraudsters to win an impressive $32m in a high-stakes poker game, an article in the local press reveals.

The Crown casino in Melbourne was involved in a fraud worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster script, perpetrated by a group of high-tech scammers.

The group used an accomplice that was a regular of the house, having previously spent a lot of money in the Casino. They had him join a high-stakes poker game, and then provided him with vital information regarding the other player’s hands, gained after hacking into the casino’s CCTV system.

The fraud was eventually discovered and the high-rolling player evicted and banned from the casino’s premises for life.

It’s quite clear that the casino’s own internal security system had some faults that were cleverly exploited by the team of fraudsters, although there’s still an investigation being carried out regarding some specific details of the breach.

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