Infra red detectors can be added to shop CCTV body cameras

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thief exiting hold-up Police footage rob firearm shop store CCTV Surveillance Ltd Infra red cameras security safety in any light conditionsA thief displaying no common sense was flummoxed by the door he was exiting the scene of a hold-up – and all of this was caught on CCTV. Police released footage after the man was convicted of attempting to rob the same shop twice in ten days. The surveillance footage shows the second incident which led to a conviction of possession of a firearm or imitation firearm. The man tried pushing a door that required to be pulled for an exit.

If shop or store owners are unsure as to the type of CCTV camera to use in a given situation, our CCTV Surveillance Ltd consultant will help you choose the best one for a given position. Infra red cameras are ever popular due to their ability to see in ‘absolute darkness’. By utilising infra red light these cameras ensure security and safety in any light conditions. Infra red detectors can either be added to body cameras, or often inbuilt infra red cameras.

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