New Benchmark For CCTV

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A new magazine called Benchmark has just been launched, which is dedicating itself to establishing a performance index for electronic surveillance products and solutions.

Benchmark are looking to create this index by group-testing various CCTV components and technologies, and by conducting on-site assessments of CCTV systems. The aim is to create an index that is quick and easy for readers to check performance data on CCTV products and components.

All Benchmark tests are fully independent and are supervised by the Benchmark editorial team. All CCTV products are tested simultaneously and with the same supporting equipment. Details of such equipment (CCTV lenses, CCTV cameras, monitors, etc.) are given as a part of the test process.

As manufacturers are not involved in the tests, and products for the group tests are selected by the Benchmark editorial team, information has been guaranteed to be unbiased and impartial.

Group testing of various CCTV components and technologies are to be performed by independent experts to determine the best product for a particular situation. They are also looking to perform analysis on CCTV systems already installed on site, and offer information and advice on the merits and benefits of particular CCTV solutions with the end user.

The sheer number of CCTV products currently available on the market often makes it difficult to find the best component for a given situation. It is for this reason that CCTV engineers throughout the UK have welcomed the Benchmark Magazine as an invaluable guide to CCTV components and technologies.

If you are interested in learning more about the Benchmark Magazine, visit their site at

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