Outdated CCTV To Go Digital

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The future of many outdated CCTV systems is coming into clearer focus as many councils, organisations and companies are taking the decision to upgrade to digital. Suprisingly, cost is no longer the primary factor taken into consideration when thinking about moving to this new technology – the benefits of installing a digital CCTV system over analogue speak for themselves.

Crime-monitoring systems across the UK have inherently suffered from years of under-investment and complaints about picture quality. Many outdated CCTV systems can only rely on providing a visual deterrent as the footage generated is often not good enough to be used as evidence in a court of law.

With digital CCTV systems coming down in price, an increasing number of organisations are opting to replace the outdated parts of their CCTV network. Not only do upgrades to older systems produce a system that is much more reliable with far clearer footage, it will also invariably mean conformation to the UK Police Requirements.

The most common upgrade for a CCTV system is the replacement of ailing analogue video recorders. A hard disc solution provided by a DVR allows a huge amount of footage to be stored from multiple cameras across your network.

By upgrading certain parts of your network, you can infintely improve the way your security system operates. Often there is no need to replace CCTV cameras already on your network if they provide good enough footage of your site.

Obviously, it is wise to seek professional advice from an approved CCTV installation company if you are looking to upgrade your system as opposed to installing a brand new network.

CCTV Surveillance Ltd are experienced CCTV suppliers who are able to provide you with all the assistance you need to implement a system tailored to your requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange for an engineer to visit your site.

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