Police asks home CCTV owners for help to catch car thieves

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Officers from the North West neighbourhood police team (NPT) in Horbury and South Ossett, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, have asked people with home security cameras to help them stop thieves who are breaking into unlocked cars, a news report reveals.

The thefts occurred on a few streets in the area. Unfortunately, since Horbury is the only town in the Wakefield without CCTV cameras, the police was forced to ask for help from residents on tracking the thieves.

Insp Jo Mercer, of the North West NPT, said: “Residents can assist us by ensuring their vehicles are locked and secure and that valuable items are removed from display. This type of crime in this area is unusual but it is clear there are opportunist thieves out and about. We have secured CCTV in the relevant areas but if anyone has any footage we are unaware of or any information at all regarding the thefts please contact us.”

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