Police force to issue 1,000 body-worn cameras to frontline staff

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A police force is set to issue no less than 1,000 body-worn cameras to frontline staff in a bid to enable officers to collect evidence on the spot, a recent release has been able to reveal.

Bedfordshire Police hopes that this initiative will help them save time, increase transparency and help to bring offenders to justice.

The cameras follow other initiatives by Bedfordshire Police to increase effectiveness and efficiency through technology. Many frontline officers are now equipped with digital notebooks, meaning routine tasks can be done in the field rather than back at the station, helping to keep officers out in the communities.

Head of Continuous Improvement, Supt Jim Lunn, said: “The cameras are extremely useful since they mean evidence can be collected quickly and in a completely transparent way. It is good news for the public, good news for officer safety and bad news for those who act in a criminal way.

“Other forces using this technology have found that the cameras have contributed towards early pleas from offenders, a reduction in challenges to police evidence in court, a reduction in the number of complaints against police and they have had a positive impact upon domestic violence prosecutions.”

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