Removal of CCTV cameras by council leaves Selby residents distraught

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The removal of CCTV cameras in the Flaxley area of Selby, North Yorkshire, by the District Council has left many of the local residents distraught and worried about the impact this move might have on the level of crime in the area.

The cameras were removed as the Council struggles to meet the stringent cost reduction targets set by the Government. Following a review, the Selby District Council’s CCTV network is set to be reduced from 30 active surveillance cameras to just 10.

Unfortunately, some of the cameras removed include those previously sited within a specially designated ‘safe route’ devised by the Council in 2006 to improve the safety of those returning home from nights out in the town centre late on weekend evenings.

Taking into account the potential impact of listing the locations from where CCTV is to be removed, Selby District Council told a local media outlet that it would not pinpoint exactly where each of the cameras are – or were.

Even so, since the cameras used to be placed in visible locations, it’s likely that criminals will not have much of a hard time identifying the ones that are missing.

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