Suicide prevention CCTV systems to be installed on Glasgow bridges

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The primary purpose of any CCTV system is to ensure a higher level of public safety by deterring crime, but it seems that public authorities in Glasgow are considering a new approach to this concept, since they’re planning to implement a new smart surveillance system designed to actually prevent suicides across the city.

According to a news report, Glasgow has won £24million in a competition known as the Future Cities Demonstrator, which is run by the Technology Strategy Board, the Government’s innovation agency.

City authorities will use these funds in order to set-up a high-end surveillance system, featuring more than 400 super intelligent CCTV cameras replacing the existing outdated network.

The cameras will be able to pick-up suspicious behaviour and will trigger an alarm, prompting further investigation by the emergency services. That suspicious behaviour will include people climbing on to a bridge parapet, which should lead, at least in theory, to a lower number of suicides.

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