The CCTV Monitor

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The best way to monitor and capture illegal activity e.g. shoplifting, is by using surveillance cameras, but what is the use of covert spy cameras if you have no monitors to see the view transmitted?

Monitors are very important when it comes to capturing video from CCTV cameras. CCTV monitors vary in size and shape, and some have different resolutions or may come in colour or black and white. Some also have audio options. In order to get a good security camera system you need to look at the specifications of both security cameras and monitors.

For basic surveillance needs you may get away with a TV or a computer screen. However for a professional surveillance camera view you should consider a special security camera monitor. You might decide to use your own TV for capturing the camera view, however this is only a good idea if you are not looking for a high quality image.

CCTV cameras use a particular number of horizontal lines to represent the image. Black and white cameras have about 380 horizontal lines, whereas coloured cameras have about 330 horizontal lines. Resolutions of up to 580 lines can be achieved with top-end digital CCTV cameras – a definition which even the most expensive television will struggle to display correctly.

CCTV camera monitors offer much better resolution compared to regular TVs, with some monitors able to handle up to 900 or 1000 horizontal TV lines. If your requirements are for a lower specification then a 330-line CCTV camera together with a 400 TV line monitor would be ample. On the other hand, if quality is crucial for your surveillance needs then go for a CCTV monitor that can handle 900 TV lines.

In addition, there are other considerations that you will need to take into account when deciding on your CCTV monitor:

  • Colour vs Black and White
  • Built-In Audio Technology
  • Multiple Camera Viewing

Whatever your requirements are, you can be sure that you will be able to find a security camera monitor to meet them.

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