The Hidden Uses Of CCTV

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In business, you want a return on your investments. You buy your products and sell them for a profit. You hire the best people and expect the best from them.

Most shopowners who install CCTV surveillance systems do so to detect theft and protect against robberies. But did you know that there are other great reasons to install a CCTV surveillance system? So don’t skimp. Any one of these benefits could pay for your system!

Just about everyone has wanted to be a star. Give your customers some practice for their big break! In addition to simply installing CCTV cameras, you can install a Public View system. Public View, or more simply a video monitor, allows your customers and employees (and potential robbers and thieves) to see that you are recording them. This is a great preventative measure.

Most shoplifters say that they won’t steal if they know they are under surveillance. The losses you prevent can easily pay for your system within a year. A complete surveillance system with good camera angles and clear pictures can create quite an impression.

During an interview, potential employees try to put their best foot forward – it’s all about impressions. Once you’ve decided to hire somebody, it’s time to make some impressions of your own.

You’ve heard the saying, "When the cat’s away, the mice will play". What are your employees doing when you’re not around? Keep your employees honest by conducting Impressions of Control. An Impression of Control lets employees know that you are paying attention. Take ten or fifteen minutes to review video tape each day and take some notes.

Do you see your employees doing something wrong? Follow up with them. Tell your cashier that you were looking at the cameras and saw her forget to count back change to a customer, or forget to verify the signature on the back of a credit card. An even better idea is to catch them doing something right! Tell your shelf-stacker that you saw him on the camera pick up that piece of paper so no one slips on it.

By letting your employees know that you appreciate it when they do something right, you can reduce employee turnover. The absolute best way to use Impressions of Control is to watch your employees in real time. Call or talk to them right away and let them know what you just saw.

In today’s litigious society, you can get sued for looking at someone the wrong way. If you have customers and employees, then chances are one of them is going to get hurt. Many times accidents are caused by carelessness. Imagine having videotape surveillance of a customer climbing on a shelf, then falling. Do you think she’s going to tell you she was climbing before she fell? Probably not.

Did you know that there are people who go into businesses and stage accidents just so they can sue? An accident in your place of business can cost hundreds of thousands if not millions of pounds. One accident can wipe out an entire year’s profits! Having video surveillance footage of an accident can tip the scales of justice in your favour.

So go ahead and spend a few extra pounds on your video surveillance system. You’ll keep your customers and employees safer and more honest. Your CCTV system can help you catch your employees doing something right. And it can save you millions if you’re sued because of an accident. Now that’s quite a return on your investment!

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