CCTV Installed In Schools

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Having installed a digital CCTV system in a primary school in Bradford for security reasons, the staff soon realised that they could use the CCTV footage to analyse classroom practice and performance of both students and teachers.

"The beauty of using CCTV as a teaching aid in addition to using it for security reasons is that the CCTV cameras are already there, so there’s no extra equipment or set-up time required," says Peter Steele, the headteacher.

New Guides On Vandalism Released

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The Home Office has published a series of 5 short practical guides through its crime reduction website, to help businesses and organisations tackle vandalism and criminal damage.

Each guide is short and snappy at only 4 pages long, and addresses practical issues, illustrating its points with pen picture case studies.

The titles of the guides are:

The Most Closely Watched Nation

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When you are next walking through any of London’s Underground stations, take a moment to scan your eyes upwards to the ceiling and you shall see them. Some will be obvious in their rectangular white housing, others disguised behind black domes.

There are more than 6,000 CCTV cameras across London’s Tube network, which transport bosses say will rise to 12,000 over the next five years.

CCTV For Cheeky Motorists

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How many times have you been stuck in a queue of traffic waiting to get in or out of a busy town centre, when a cheeky motorist zooms past you in the empty bus lane. Have you ever felt tempted to follow that motorist yourself? What do you have to lose?

Well, be warned. This practice is illegal and the likeyhood of you being caught has now significantly increased as town councils look to digital CCTV to monitor their bus lanes and no-waiting areas.

Burglars Install CCTV

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A recent prison survey has revealed that 29% of burglars have installed some kind of digital CCTV system in their own homes, compared to just 4% of the rest of of us. Similarly, 43% of burglars have a home intruder alarm system, compared to just 34% of all households.

Technology Solving Crime

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There are 4 million CCTV cameras in the UK – one for every 15 of us. It is thought, on average, that each one of us is captured on film 300 times every day. Does this booming industry worry you? It shouldn’t, because only the guilty have anything to hide.

CCTV Helps With Lambing

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With the UK lambing season just about to get started, sheep farmers are increasingly looking to install CCTV cameras in the sheep pen in order to keep an eye on their pregnant ewes.

Introduction of Approved Contractor Scheme

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Following public consultation during the autumn of last year and pressure from Security Industry Authority groups, the UK Government has decided to introduce an Approved Contractor Scheme for the private security industry.

The main aim of this new scheme is to raise performance standards and to assist all members of the private security industry to develop new opportunities. The scheme is voluntary and was developed in consultation with representatives from across the CCTV industry.